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Kudos on the release, Lemmy just keeps getting better and better. Fantastic work!

As a note, community following could work well with Mastodon as well. If you could follow a community the same way you follow a user, and see the stories posted in that community that would work as a kind of a news feed.

I’m not following how this relates to my original point I’m afraid. Nobody is arguing that people shouldn’t be selected for work based on their competence and skill. The point I made was that according to empirical research business success is largely an indicator that an average person got lucky.

Yes, we’re stuck living in a society where majority of the population is forced to work hard just to meet their basic needs. And my point was that we do not have any kind of meritocracy in practice. Meanwhile, I grew up in USSR and people were plenty motivated there to pursue passions other than making money. Scientists, engineers, and artists were universally admired and looked up to. The country made huge strides in technological progress the likes of which have never been seen under capitalism. USSR leapt from an agrarian society to a world super power while doing the brunt of the work in WW2. That society was far more of a meritocracy than any capitalist one that I’ve seen.

The story that rich people had to work hard to become rich is just mythology in practice. Plenty of people work hard, and many of them much harder, than those who become rich. There is a ton of empirical research showing that luck is the dominant factor in success and you simply need to be average to succeed. This is an objective fact of the world we live in.

People predominantly become rich because they were born into the right families giving them access to free time, education, capital, and the necessary connections. This has nothing to do with their personal qualities. Meanwhile, they accumulate further wealth by exploiting the labor of the people working for them. Nobody works a billion times harder than another person.

The reason to put effort into things is generally because you enjoy doing something or have an interest in a particular subject. Putting effort into things simply to make money is frankly the most pathetic reason to do anything.



A more in depth analysis in the Concentration of Production and Monopolies chapter of Lenin’s Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism.

Unfortunately, it looks like the political system is pretty much designed to keep such people from getting into power as we saw with Bernie.

There’s also Athens which is an open source clone of Roam. Still under development as well though.

Facebook teases Europe with good time.

Yeah, there’s no way they’d actually voluntarily pull out from any market.

great news for Europe if the regulators don’t back down

The way the REPL is used in Clojure is by connecting the editor to the application runtime. Any code I write in the source can be evaluated within the context of the app I’m developing. I will often have apps running for weeks on end as I work on them. Any time I make a change I can immediately see how it works within the context of the application. This is a much faster feedback loop than using tests or other approaches because you don’t have to rebuild the state of the application to see how the new code work.

I also find that the REPL is excellent for exploration. Most of the time when I’m solving a new problem I don’t know what the best solution is going to be up front. So, I’ll work through the problem, and then once I get things working the way I want, I tend to refactor and clean up. That’s typically the point where I’m going to start adding tests.

RISC V based hardware can’t take off fast enough in my opinion. We really need some open source hardware that we can actually trust. There have been some exciting developments on that front recently such as a 100% libre RISC-V + 3D GPU chip for mobile devices getting approved for NLNet grant, hopefully we’ll see more of that going forward.

I originally switched to it for ideological reasons, but now I really think it’s a better browser.

I’ve switched to it a few years ago and really like it overall.

Yeah that’s a really nice touch.

Oh that’s pretty dope, thanks for the tip. :)

Would be wifi range, but it’s a bit better than that because as long as there is a chain of devices that are all in range of each other the messages can still be routed. For example, if we have three people A, B, and C. As long as A is in range of B and C is also in range of B then A and C can still talk to each other without having to be in direct wifi range.