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I love how you’re getting downvoted for simply mentioning that you use Telegram. ON THE TELEGRAM FORUM

Next bring back Lula. Pink Tide 2.0! This time with coup-proofing!

I actually play quite a bit of UnCiv! I enjoy it and FreeCiv as well.

Def Leppard makes 10000x more sense now that we know that Ted Nugent is a fucking nutjob.

I saw this ridiculousness the other day. What a laugh.

What's your favorite Civ game and why?

Honestly, I don’t think any of them will ever top Civ III for me. I’m not entirely sure why, but I felt that strategy and isometric games lost a little something when they moved to 3D. Civ III seemed to be the pinnacle and I still think it has the best historical campaigns. …

It is hilarious that someone downvoted this.

Plot twist: the hose just sprays something a little less flammable than gasoline.

It’s a very comfortable station for work and gaming alike!

I know this wouldn’t fly on Reddit’s r/battlestations, but I’m very proud of my setup…

It just seems so strange to me that people would choose toy phones over real machines, but then again I actually do work on my computer and also gaming. Most people just check Facebook.

Yes, I too hate using real computers and prefer novelty Google toys.

Click the title of the post to go to c/interactive_fiction :)

It already could be, to be perfectly honest with you. Companies are just so locked-in to the MS Office software ecosystem that they don’t want to change. However, I’ve never worked at a company that used all the features in MS Office that you can’t do in LibreOffice.

That’s actually one of the best things I’ve read all week. Thanks for sharing this!

Credentials thread!

Hello everyone! If you’d like to share your credentials here for future reference, please do so. I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and am able to prove this upon request…

b-b-but GIMP doesn’t have [insert very specific image-editing technique] so that means I can’t even draw a circle or edit a photo!

It could be! I know stupider things have gotten traction on Reddit, certainly!

How'd you start playing Age of Empires?

I downloaded the free demo of Age of Empires II back in the dial-up days of the 90s and I’ve been playing AoE since. How about you?..

What was your first Civ game?

Hello everyone! How did you get started in the Civ series? I originally started playing the spinoff Call to Power and then shortly afterward Civilization III. I’ve been a Civ Fanatic ever since. What about you?..

I hope so too! Thanks for dropping by!

c/grampals: a community for making new friends on Telegram!

I thought I had already posted this, but I guess I was mistaken. I’ve created a community for people to connect to one another via Telegram…

27/m/USA for new friends!

Hey everyone! I need new friends on Telegram! I’m 27, in an open marriage, and I have a wide range of interests and talents. Send me a message @Skaalgard on Telegram! :)…

I made a new community for making new friends on Telegram

Hey everyone! I made a community for meeting new people to chat with on Telegram! It’s called GramPals and it’ll work a lot like the subreddit of the same name…

New Matrix Room for Making Friends

Hello everyone! I’ve created a room at #matrixfriends:matrix.org for making new friends to chat with on Matrix!..

First Post!

Hey everyone, I just made the commitment to stop using corporate proprietary social networking. I’m a 27-year-old nerdy dude from the US (Kansas) who loves gaming, free software, philosophy, politics, coffee, playing guitar, and meeting new people. Feel free to message me at @tskaalgard:matrix.org…