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Looks really cozy!

So much more detailed than mine 👍

I was mainly busy writing documentation this week. This is very useful also because I can notice inconsistencies and problems in our ActivityPub implementation. You can find the docs here, the second one is still work on progress:

https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/apub-outline/docs/src/contributing_federation_overview.md https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/apub-outline/docs/src/contributing_apub_api_outline.md

I was also fighting some renewed DDoS on yerbamate.dev, without much success. At the moment its working again, but not sure for how long. So for now I’m doing my PRs on Github.

I’m also using FF with ublock origin, so I dont know why you would have trouble with that.

Its right here, the rightmost item at the top. Maybe the button is a bit too small.

Someone would have to force them to break up. That would be either the US or possibly the EU government. And I just dont see that happening, because those companies do a lot of bribery (lobbying). Other governments wouldnt have enough influence.

Its a nice idea, but how could it actually be implemented in practice? These companies work directly with many governments, and have a lot of influence. No politician would actually implement measures to split them up (not unless another large corporation wants it).

Awww thank you 😍

I dont feel like I got that much done this week, but this is what I did:

  • added a config setting that disables https completely (for local debugging)
  • rewrote the activity sending code, which was quite rudimentary and wrong
  • wrote an overview of how federation works in lemmy
  • went through the issues and closed many that i already fixed months ago (and forgot to close)

I’m impressed, did you write a script or remember them? Dont think there is a way to get most downvoted ones easily.

Also, love your bio :D

I also wish they were cheaper, but where I live its extremely mountainous, so a smaller one really wouldn’t make much sense. Anyway I think it should be worth the price.

Oh amazing to see someone with an euc on here. I really want to buy one, most likely the Inmotion V8F. Which one do you have?

I’m not a C/C++ developer so this was just based on the code in the article. Thanks for the correction.

That musl implementation looks quite useless for anyone who works with non-english languages.

This week we finished another milestone of our NLnet funding, namely “Tests for ActivityPub implementation”. This is the third milestone we finished so far. I also made some big progress on the “Refactor Rust code” milestone, by figuring out how split the code into separate Rust workspaces.

I continued to do some refactoring with the goal of speeding up builds. A new actix version allowed us to get rid of a dependency which took up to 30 seconds to build (PR 1, PR 2). I also removed rustls from our dependencies because it was entirely unused.

In the last days I added more tests for federation, so that we should be finished with another NLnet milestone now (PR 1, PR 2).

Feedback Friday - 2020-09-18

Looks like we forgot to do this for the last weeks…

Its not even supported in activitypub.

No, because no one is gonna remember or type out a long random string. Having to type @main@dev.lemmy.ml is complicated enough already compared to Reddit.

Not much for me either, I finished up the job queue for sending out activities, and then tried to help @dessalines@dev.lemmy.ml with fixing the tests.