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How was nano defender different from ublock origin anyway? (Before this malware injection.)

Streaming relaxing piano music all day

There’s some classical non-piano songs that managed to sneak into the playlist but it’s mostly piano…

oh they are a real group? thought they were a fictional one from Peep Show.

yeah. highly doubt their main aim is to “stop terrorism” though i am sure they use this monstrosity to that effect too. just like how their soldiers are fighting for the “freedom” of american people in middle east, things are not as they say they are.

How to deploy a CodeIgniter application?

Noob question but here it goes. The place I work at has a website written in CodeIgniter, a PHP framework. The creator of the codebase was contracted and when he gave me a demo, the code was just sitting in /home/www-user/public_html of the VPS and to show the code and make changes to it, he used …

Oh you are the creator. Thank you for your work. It’s important stuff IMO.

Nice. There’s also invidious and nitter.

don’t waste your time trying to reason with people like this. either ban or ignore them.

Today, I discovered this article, “Relying on plain-text email is a ‘barrier to entry’ for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member”

Ugh do they want to move the kernel work to Github or something?

Canonical did the same thing. Used some Adobe software to generate create a report LOL

  • Objects traveling 5,000 miles per hour and making 90-degree turns without slowing down have been recorded by radar that can only detect physical objects.
  • People have been reporting sightings of flying craft since long before earthly aircraft were invented.
  • Astronauts, generals, admirals, and executives of aerospace and defense companies have said unequivocally — even on film — that extraterrestrial spacecraft do exist, and that we’ve known about them for a long time.


Not a distro hopper. Have been using Void with little to no problems for over five years. Used Ubuntu and Arch Linux before that. I would only consider switching from Void if functional package managing becomes big and something like Guix becomes popular.

But I did recently switch from using ext4 as the file system to ZFS for no reason other than sheer curiosity. Hopefully I don’t file system-hop anymore.

“The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has received many complaints from various sources including several reports about misuse of some mobile apps available on Android and iOS platforms for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users’ data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside of India,” the ministry said in a statement. “There has been a strong chorus in the public space to take strict action against apps that harm India’s sovereignty as well as the privacy of our citizens.”

Wish they didn’t lie about their motives like this. Privacy is not one of their concerns at all.

Good thing Tik Tok got banned. Now both our economy and our citizen’s data are safe.

India should have been more protectionist to her tech industry. Not sure why when we are churning engineers left and right we would have let Western corps take over. Now no one has a chance of competing with them and the Indian businesses are heavily reliant on them.

Any idea where to get Microsoft fonts from?

Just the fonts that come packages with Windows. I used to rip them from my university’s library computer…

Non biodegradable

Something like Graphene OS or even a custom ROM without Google apps still seems miles better than using iOS if privacy and/or free software is your concern.

For anyone wondering, Glimpse was forked from GIMP because some people deemed the name GIMP questionable due to being potentially ablist.

In the current state no streaming service will ever not have DRM so this isn’t surprising really. The good thing is a VPN is cheaper than their prices.

It’s not good for the knees but I guess that could be mitigated by something like shoes but for knees.

ListenBrainz.org Top 100 Most Scrobbled Tracks

Mostly a lot of classics. Why is “Inside the Deku Tree” number one by over 50k plays? …

[Poll] Which shell do you use?

You can add options if what you use isn’t there. :)…

Signal without Google Play Services?

Apparently Signal doesn’t run in the backgroud and give notifications if I don’t have Google Play Services enabled. …

Is using paths to draw curves while inking in Krita cheating?

I have gotten hold of a cheap drawing tablet and having a lot of fun with it. I only have experience with gesture sketching with pencil on paper but wanted to try inking and colouring too. …

Do y'all get hit with reCaptcha/hCaptcha everywhere you go?

I get slapped in my face with this shit on many many sites and it’s annoys the hell out of me. …

How long do you think the current pace of development in Linux gaming will hold?

Valve is investing a lot of resources in Wine/Proton. dxvk is being actively maintained which is very good. Same with Vulkan. …

Git repo hosts that are less susceptible to DMCA takedown?

I have a couple of private repos on gitlab. They are communist books in markdown, and one of them is protected by copyright because it is fairly new (2014). …

Anyone here uses Android without gapps?

I have LineageOS installed right now with gapps pico. …

Why Typescript?

What are some of its advatanges over JS?..

Question about cron and SSDs?

I have been reading about people setting up a cron job to do fstrim on their SSDs on a daily/weekly basis. …

Lemmy uses Bootstrap v4 framework. My knowledge of CSS is very limited so feel free to input anything. …

Anyone able to run Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines on Wine?

I am trying to use the R.G. Mechanics release from rutracker but I only get a black screen with sound. Anyone has experience running this game? Thanks. …