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What are your favourite channels on peertube ?

What channels do you recommend on peertube ?
What are your favourite channels and videos on the network ?..

You may already know this, but there’s a decentralized proxy service for watching youtube videos called invidious. Find a reliable instance from instances.invidio.us and enjoy a cleaner youtube experience without all the tracking stuff. It even works without javascript and doesn’t show frequent recaptcha pages while on tor.
Go to the preferences page and make sure the proxy video option is enabled. This will make sure you never connects to google for video streams. Note that enabling proxy may slow down your network, so choose a reliable instance.

Peertube is my recommended alternative for leaving youtube behind. Use sepiasearch.org for searching videos on peertube vidiverse.

~ >>> time cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity
cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity  0.00s user 0.00s system 3% cpu 0.098 total
~ >>> time acpi
Battery 0: Discharging, 57%, 04:55:40 remaining
acpi  0.00s user 0.01s system 5% cpu 0.105 total

These are very light commands, but i feel like the cat command is more light on resources. acpi might be a better command for general users cause it shows more information about battery. Note that it might not be installed on all systems, so you may have to install it manually. The /sys/class directory is more useful when scripting something cause it works more at a system level and don’t need any extra modules or programs for it to work.

Before i knew about it, i used nmcli -f STATE -t g for checking my wifi connection (on a script), which was way less efficient. The reason why /sys/class method is so nice is cause you don’t need any unnecessary modules or programs just for checking simple system things. These different commands we use maybe doing the same thing on our back.

Getting system information in linux the most efficient way

cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity - Shows your current battery percentage
cat /sys/class/net/w*/operstate - Shows if your wifi is connected (shows up if connected and down when not) …

I know, starwars & startrek was a bad example for comparing similar communities. I just went along with the examples you gave initially.
Lemmy has some major differences compared to other fediverse platforms because of the concept of communities and being able to follow them. I’m not an expert, but from what i understand, there are limitations on how much decentralized it can be. I made this post to address some of the concerns, and I’m ok with it as far as we all understand these limitations exist. I hope others would get an idea when they read this post.
I still think that lemmy is far better compared to traditional platforms like reddit. I’m grateful for this project to exist and i cannot ask you more. Thanks for replying, this was my first post on lemmy.

Users can follow !news@startrek.com and !news@starwars.com, assume these communities to be similar. How can a user find all these similar communities in the vast federated network ?
Just to be clear, the main concern here is that such a model of community interaction centralizes the network. If you follow or post something on a community (such as !news@startreck.com) , you are essentially trusting that instance with your data (startreck.com here).

Consider this situation, !news@startrek.com has 1.5k subscribers and !news@starwars.com has 5k subscribers.
A general user would be more likely to post something on !news@starwars.com as it has more subs and will get replied quickly, get more upvotes, etc. This would inturn get !news@starwars.com more subscribers as more people post on it (This is a lock in situation)
. This cycle will continue to grow !news@starwars.com community and starwars.com instance would get monopoly on that particular topic in communities. This would mean that instances with more successful communities receive more interaction than others. Even if these instances are trustable and privacy-friendly, how can they handle the unfair amount of load on their servers ? (this would also increase the pressure to monetize)

The fediverse is designed to be decentralized. Even if we found different workarounds for these issues, then what’s the point of lemmy if its not federated properly ? The main reason why people would switch over to something like lemmy is because its decentralized over other traditional sites like reddit.

Sepia search is a unified search engine for the peertube vidiverse. Here, we are not looking for a unified search engine, but a unified page for communities about similar topics. This has to be done for each topic or interest, and is much more harder to do compared to a search engine.

That’s the reason why i recommend the idea of federated communities, so that each community can choose which other ones to follow (kinda like instances). This way, you don’t have to manually find and group together different communities, the communities would do it themselves by following other similar ones.

But, if we’re gonna take the ladder, we can actually create something like Sepia search for this thing too. Something like a community-grouper website, that finds similar communities across different instances and group them together as a bundle. These bundles can then be imported to a lemmy client app to fetch content from all the instances and view them on a single page. This is like an extension of my first idea, but with this website doing the work for us, users don’t need to find communities themselves.

Federated communities

Can communities (or subreddits) follow other communities from different instances ? …