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Good list. Markor is one of the best apps for android hands down, and its FOSS so its really great. We’d been needing a good markdown editor badly, and markor does that and more.

OSM is better in some places than others, but its a great one too. I’ll have to try out GitNex, I’ve started to use codeberg now too, and it should be able to connect with it.

Ya this one is a bug, we should be giving you back the external IP. But it should only be giving you that error if you’ve tried to make too communities too quickly… is it still doing it?

Agree, this might’ve been true a few years ago, but element really is slicker and easier to use than signal now.

I like it, that chair looks incredibly comfy btw.

We have lots of untagged releases, all of them work, but yeah we’re readying the v0.8.0 release, which is a huge one because its the first alpha federation release.

assume these communities to be similar.

Why are you assuming this? One is for news about star trek, the other is for news about star wars.

The fediverse is designed to be decentralized.

Ask yourself how users could be merged in the fediverse, and you’ll get the same concept of how communities can be merged. Does the fact that users can’t be merged, mean the fediverse isn’t decentralized?

Whoa neat, never heard of this. Ruby has my favorite syntax out of any language.

I can’t tell what they mean by “native code” tho, and their website doesn’t say.

I really want to try this lol, I do sourdough at home so this would be fun.

So that you have to follow each of them individually. But one important feature of traditional sites like reddit is that you can follow one subreddit (or community) and get all the updates about that topic, interest etc. And i believe its important for link aggregators to have such a unified place for a topic.

There can be !news@startrek.com and !news@starwars.com. You can subscribe to both, and their posts will show up on your front page feed. They’re separate communities that are not merged.

Applying the fediverse logic here, it would be really nice if communities could follow one another.

Communities don’t do anything, users do. The main federated activity of lemmy, is following federated communities.

Weird, I also have ublock origin and its showing for me.

Not on this instance, we don’t have time to moderate it. You can make your own instance tho.

Some things I did:

  • Made /c/Local not /c/All the default for unlogged-in users.
  • Fixed a bug with stickied order pointed out by @IronOxidizer@dev.lemmy.ml
  • In testing federation, we found a few bugs that were fixed by adding no conflict to our database table triggers, as well as fixing an issue when a user from a blocked instance was in the post outbox. Also fixed an issue with a local filter not working correctly.
  • Changed the default new theme to browser from darkly in the server code.
  • Added an optional community_name field to search.
  • Added a password length checker in the server.
  • Mirrored every LemmyNet repo on codeberg.org.
  • Fixed some docs.
  • Updated translations.

Its a tech chat kind of like slack, but was more for open source communities. Matrix surpassed it a long time ago.

Should lemmy have Icons and banners for communities and users?

What does everyone think? I think community icons (similar to user avatars that we already have) make sense, but I’m torn about banners (for both communities and users) , as they might look very strange with all the different possible themes users could use. What do you think?..