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Old, but mentions a few apps that I didn’t know about…

Surreal :( Thanks for posting !

I like it that it shows Africa in the download section so prominent.

I’m not a coder, but I spotted this part :

"So many students who are new to the programming language may think the C language is useless but you will be surprised to know the Mars Curiosity Rover is programmed in C programming language. Take a moment and think about it. Mars Curiosity rover has 2…

Disclaimer : I’m posting this, not because I endorse Apple products, but because it gives some insight in the thoughts of people…

Same here. I thought it was an interesting blog post. I did have some minor success with introducing Signal, GnuPG and Briar to some of my privacy aware friends, but for others the glitter and gold of WhatsApp and Facebook seem too strong to resist. Maybe one day we will collectively manage to end the Zuckerberg era. At least the Fediverse is a nice and inspiring start for something new to get away from centralized tech giant services.

Interesting but turning off uBlock Origin in Firefox doesn’t help for me, so I guess it is my custom prefs js file (made with ffprofile.com). Creating a new FF profile, then installing UBO, testing it and yes the icon is visible.

For me it is visible in Tor Browser, but not in Firefox (with the same theme). I don’t have any extension blocking it that I know of.

Yes, I am curious about this as well.

Thanks for sharing. That page has a nice photo.


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Great that you solved it !

Signal is USA based, Signal uses Amazon servers. For Signal you need to expose your phone number. With Signal you need Internet access, but with Briar you can use local blue-tooth and WiFi internal addresses. Then there is the new pin feature of Signal which undermines Signal original privacy and security goals.

I like the looks of DeltaChat https://delta.chat/en/

Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control. Delta Chat does not need your phone number. Check out our privacy statement.

Great to hear that in Russia there’s group bike rides to raise awareness !

the overwhelming majority (63 % of people iirc) cycle because it’s the fastest and most convenient means of transportation

I completely forget that biking is also good physical exercise which cannot really be said about driving a car.

That is a sad story for your town :( Good news is that Amsterdam is indeed a pretty nice biking city. In the center cars cannot go very fast on the roads near the canals, and the bike infra structure is pretty okay. There have been experiments with lanes which are bike dominant (or something like that) where the car is the guest and the bike the main vehicle. I’ve read that in Italy there’s a car-free town (yay!). Forgot the name. though some other cities in Italy are actually very bike unfriendly. Also, Barcelona in Spain is more bike focused than lots of other cities worldwide.

Fully agree. Every day I need to ignore those noisy, smelly, ugly, aggressive and deadly vehicles. I wish I could live in a green and car-free area.

Insightful point, appreciated.