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The original cast returns and the art style looks little bit modernized but still faithful to the original series. No CalArts tier cheap looking crap. I’m a bit skeptic regarding how this reboot’s writing is going to hold up in 2020, getting in with the times and retaining the show’s style. There is always a risk that these kind of reboots end up being cheap nostalgia porn for millenials.

If he recovers from this, for his supporters it may function as a “hero’s journey”. “Trump was so strong and brave that he fought coronavirus and won!” Alternatively for some segment of his supporters this serves as proof that the virus is “just a flu”. They may think how contracting it won’t be dangerous for them if Trump recovered from it… with disastrous results.

I read a Finnish news article about the subject where Aura Salla, Facebook’s manager of EU relations, was interviewed. She told that the discussion about the subject has gotten off the rails and that the company isn’t considering leaving EU as a relevant scenario due to over 25 million enterprise customers. According to her, it’s more about access to the data which getting restricted may cause problems for all companies. Also the company’s manager of societal relations, Nick Clegg told in European Business Summit that they are not leaving EU.

If Facebook doesn’t wuss out and really leaves EU, the timing couldn’t get any better for alternative social media platforms (especially federated ones) to break in and rise in popularity.

I’ve been using it for 15 years and never felt the need to switch browsers. Widely customizable with skins and plugins. Also it stands as the biggest alternative to Chromium-based browsers currently.

And Epic is trying to brand itself as the hero and the underdog. It’s a corporation with a huge market value. And then it tries to rally their playerbase with #FreeFortnite and other campaigns, as if they could have any influence in the fight against Apple. What can the average 12-year-old player do? Tweet #FreeFortnite (or something other) and somehow be a foot soldier in the fight?

At least the Safety video’s like/dislike ratio is going to a favorable direction.

Epic tries to make itself the hero and the underdog of this situation, which is ridiculous as it’s a similar billion dollar corporation as Apple.

Stephen Carpenter uses a nine-string guitar now? Ehhhh…

Yay! I use Telegram actively and video calls along with screen sharing are going to have lots of potential for it.

When Facebook’s failings lead to their information being compromised and more severe consequences, their minds may change.

One factor has to be the network effect: people are there because their friends and relatives are there and they don’t want to miss any content from them. They are not necessarily aware of the negative effects of social media, the problems plaguing Facebook as a company or any viable alternatives. The second factor has to be simply ignorance: the active userbase of Facebook these days consists of older people (like old and middle-aged), who are not usually technically so savvy. Even if they hear about Facebook’s privacy scandals and problems, they brush it off with “I don’t have anything to hide” and simply don’t care.

FB has grown too big, making it difficult to moderate when fake news and propaganda are churn out at a fast pace. The company should be just broken up.

Surfshark. They have wide amount of servers across the world, support for multiple connection protocols and their client features a whitelist feature for selected websites and apps. Much better overall than VPN.ht, my previous provider.

Zucc’s video feed had stuttering issues at one point, making him appear even more robotic.

EDIT: That Mr. Jordan can’t keep his mouth shut and mask on when his turn to ask questions has ended. It almost became a shouting match.

It’s mostly Karhu, Corona and RPS Brewing’s Everyday Lager

Just like Marko’s coffee maker.