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What theme did you use?

What's a decent alternative to VirusTotal?

Specifically, something that scans files with multiple antivirus engines, deletes uploaded sensitive/personal information, and that isn’t owned by a company as horrible as Google…

It compiles via LLVM to the native assembly language of whatever platform it’s on, like Rust.

This is what happens when automation is developed not with the goal of making workers’ lives better, but for maximizing profit.

Client time frame: yesterday

He most likely has lots of people lining up to donate blood plasma antibodies (one of the best ways to treat the disease last I heard). Plus some of the best physicians in the US and probably the world. I personally predict his chance of dying from this at approximately 0%.

Meanwhile people writing games that can fit into a boot sector.

Eh, if you consider all the node modules as part of your codebase, even something basic written in Vue, Angular or Electron could well be near that size.

The comment from the developer heavily implied that it was because he was fed up with invalid issues (which I took to mean issues with websites that wasn’t because of a problem with uMatrix). So unfortunately, perhaps the community was at least partly to blame for this :(

Honestly, whatever you’re most comfortable with and can do the job well, though I’d highly recommend something open source.

They say putting a phone into black and white mode can make it a lot less addictive because it’s no longer as flashy, which is part of what triggers dopamine response. Maybe we can apply a similar concept to Lemmy with a mode that gets rid of images and makes the UI less sleek?

We could make it an option. Not just for potentially making it less addicting, but sometimes live updates are distracting when trying to read a thread.

The biggest thing I observed is that Trump takes like four sentences to convey the same amount of information that Biden conveys in one sentence.

“Oh shut up will you?”

Which is better: putting food waste in the garbage disposal or using the municipal compost program?

Back when city level composting programs were a lot less common, garbage disposals were touted as being more environmentally friendly compared to throwing food waste in the trash, because many sewer systems compost their captured organic matter for both fertilizer and methane. But now that my city h…