Honestly, I don’t think any of them will ever top Civ III for me. I’m not entirely sure why, but I felt that strategy and isometric games lost a little something when they moved to 3D. Civ III seemed to be the pinnacle and I still think it has the best historical campaigns.

What’s yours?


I haven’t played many Civ games, but I think, UnCiv would take that place for me, mainly because I can play it on my phone. I’ve always played Civ games a couple turns at a time, so being able to play it on my phone is perfect.

I also like the relatively focused scope, i.e. it has most of the content of Civ5+expansions, but not the additional game mechanics that those extensions introduced (religion and trade routes), which always felt kind of glued on top to me.

And I like its pixel-graphics. It is 2D, so I don’t know, if this would somehow make it a Civ game to your taste.

And of course, it’s free and open-source, which always makes games twice as fun for me.

Travis Skaalgard

I actually play quite a bit of UnCiv! I enjoy it and FreeCiv as well.

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