Interacting With Non-Privacy People — The New Oil

For some people, like myself, jumping into something new is exhilarating and you sink yourself into it 100%. This is where I found myself…


Great article. Personally I find it really, really hard to bite my tongue when I watch people around me using all of these data swallowing/privacy disrespecting services, but it’s like you say, you can’t change someone’s mind for them.


Thanks for posting this. Good to know I’m not alone. I’ve tried to get my friends to use Signal but to no avail.


Same here. I thought it was an interesting blog post. I did have some minor success with introducing Signal, GnuPG and Briar to some of my privacy aware friends, but for others the glitter and gold of WhatsApp and Facebook seem too strong to resist. Maybe one day we will collectively manage to end the Zuckerberg era. At least the Fediverse is a nice and inspiring start for something new to get away from centralized tech giant services.

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