[Announcement] Recent and upcoming changes to the Nano projects · Issue #362 · NanoAdblocker/NanoCore

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I’m not completely updated on the events but as I understand the original add-on changed ownership and was sold to a unknown group of Turkish developers against whom the claim of injecting malware is. The Chrome and Edge version is affected but not the Firefox one because the same add-on is maintained by another person for Firefox: https://github.com/LiCybora/NanoDefenderFirefox/blob/master/README.MD and is changing name to distance itself from upstream https://github.com/LiCybora/NanoDefenderFirefox/issues/188. The person making the analysis on the linked thread gorhill is the developer of the popular add-ons uBlock Origin, uMatrix etc.


Now would be a good time to turn off auto updates for extensions and data sync.


I think this incident puts forward an important question: How much should we trust our software? FOSS doesn’t always mean it’s secure and privacy respecting (look at MS vscode it has a ton of telemetry); and given the large amount of softwares and libraries we use to run a Linux system no one has the time to audit each individually or keep updated on every potentially bad-faith changes like this. Hence we always have to place some amount of trust on the maintainers or developers but always remain somewhat vigilant.


Yeah it is intrusive. If anyone wants these are the relevant user.js for Firefox:

user_pref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
user_pref("extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault", false);
user_pref("extensions.systemAddon.update.enabled", false); 

How was nano defender different from ublock origin anyway? (Before this malware injection.)

It’s listed here : https://github.com/NanoAdblocker/NanoCore#notable-changes Mainly small tweaks directly based on uBlock origin, and direct support to Nano Defender, which is, a module for uBlock origin (And forks of it) to bypass some anti-adblock counter-measures.

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