There are so many better ways to protect children then the dubious implementation of backdoors. Backdoors which will lead to further mass surveillance. It makes me mad that they use child exploitation as an excuse for this. They should be pushing for educating children and teachers about signs of abuse so that they can call Child Protection services.

And terrorists will use e2e despite the government banning citizens from using it fully.

If they’re truly have any atoms within their being that cares about protecting children, they would do few things:

  1. Stop feeding children shit foods at school and start passing laws making foods for children 100% free, have foods evaluated by dedicated Nutritionist and paid for by taxes. Check out video what Japanese did for their children. I’d say just import their solution and integrate into our society.

  2. Systematically Expand FBI Departments to Hunting Down Child Traffickers, let’s end War on Drug, and War on Terrorism, and just focus on war on human trafficking.

  3. Force CIA to have a department for hunting down international Child Traffickers outside of United States jurisdiction.

Politicians are also the one who are exploiting children, so it’s no surprise that they would leverage children as a political tool to get what they want even if it’s inherently evil and illegal. It have never been about actually protecting the children…

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