One more great reason to ditch the goons at google for better options!

US-based DDG has its own issues, so take a look at alternatives like Searx, Qwant, & Metager if you haven’t already.


Are you referring to the favicon issue DDG had? Or the fact that search terms show up in your local browser history? DDG mgith not be perfect, but I still think that if you try to compare DDG to Google, then DDG is still 10000 times better. My biggest issue with DDG is that it’s US-based. So if they (hypothetically) became bigger then Google, then they wouldn’t have to care much about competition laws, and US government could turn to them and pressure them to add security holes that can be used for surveilance etc. (like they have done with others).

I mainly use Qwant, but I still sometimes use DDG (just add a “!ddg” to your Qwant search to be forwarded) if I don’t get good enough results. I think for many people a combination like that is the best option. Example:

  • If I want to search for something local to my country (a store, a Norwegian organisation, etc.), I use Qwant with location set to “Norway”.
  • If I want to search for something programming-related, I often search with Qwant first, and if I don’t get very relevant search results I add “!ddg” to my search, to be forwarded to DDG.

Some times I get better results on Qwant, but I have also experienced getting zero results when searching for something really specific. That seems to be a bug though, and is probably something that is going to improve in the future. In general I am quite happy with Qwant, and I love their new Qwant Maps!


I would certainly agree that DDG is a much better choice than Google, I’m just saying it still has issues. There are some minor privacy botherations to nit-pick (see: https://dzone.com/articles/duckduckgo-has-a-privacy-problem ), but my major concerns are that DDG is based in the US, where it is getting harder and harder to believe that the regime isn’t getting a backdoor peek if it wants one, and that DDG makes its money (see: https://www.techjunkie.com/how-does-duckduckgo-make-money/ ) supporting destructive monopolists like Amazon and Yahoo (aka Verizon/OATH/the folks who murdered Tumblr).


Yeah, I really hope the Eruopean alternatives (such as Qwant) can keep growing. I also hope privacy laws and surveilance practice in USA can change, but it doesn’t look very promising… 🙈

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