So NSA are morons or their goal was in fact “a society no longer free to discuss opinions openly and without fear.”


I wouldn’t consider them as ‘morons’; you’re looking at a collective brainpower with the best tech and power combo; surely they know what their purposes are and they probably succeeded in that. The ‘terrorism’ and ‘fight for freedom’ angle is made up to cover-up since very few would question that angle because it relates to national security.


Yeah, this claims are made up to cover-up. Add “protecting the children” one to the pot. The problem is that it is very cheap for them to throw this around, but it successfully poisons any reporting or discussion going forward. Now in every article you have to address this bullshit claims and this limits your ability to discover the actual true intent behind this systems and laws. This is like disinformation or malware that they use against the very people they should serve.


yeah. highly doubt their main aim is to “stop terrorism” though i am sure they use this monstrosity to that effect too. just like how their soldiers are fighting for the “freedom” of american people in middle east, things are not as they say they are.

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