The King of Messengers: Signal vs WhatsApp vs Utopia

Which messenger is the best to use in 2020? Signal vs WhatsApp vs Utopia. We’ve compared these messengers from different sides and made an objective analysis.


Every time you post something is some article advertising this obscure messenger. Where’s Utopia’s source code? There isn’t a single byte of public sourcecode neither a single word about how their protocol works. How are we supposed to trust a messenger that advertises itself as the most secure thing out there if there’s literally zero proof the clients are not riddled with backdoors?

Citing the utopia faq page:

Why Utopia is not open source?

We may disclose certain parts of code, specifically related to communication and encryption. However, the decentralized protocol will not be released. Utopia is very knowledge-intensive software. A lot of time, effort and resources went into this product, and we do not want to share all of our know-how as it will result in forks which in turn may result in instability of our main network. Fork will lead to the division of the community, while our intention is the unification of the community of like-minded individuals. The bottom line here is that a lot of software is closed source, and this does not hurt them a bit. In addition, we will audit our code.

I am baffled.

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I can’t even see if it is opensource. If it is not, it is useless!

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