A Mending Story of Unmentionable Areas (Upper Thigh Denim Repair)

I teach workshops on visible mending regularly, and by far, the most requested mend is the dreaded crotch repair.  If you are like me, jeans are my favorite article of clothing to wear. And a well fi

It’s a great post but phew does it have me depressed about mending as a judgy ethos[^1]. My clothes give out in the upper thighs and the armpits. I’m pretty sure my body shape is implicated in ways I don’t want to call attention to. But no, tiny pretty 22-year-old, please tell me how your cute elbow patches confer moral superiority over replaced garments… Anyway, I still love #mending #content about covering stains and such so I will continue to subject myself to this depression.

[^1]: This particular blogger is probably innocent; I’m really thinking of Instagram.

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