Title. I’d love to know how or why people started.

For me I just started this year, mostly because of saturation or fatigue towards mainstream movies mostly Hollywood stuff which I watched a lot. Another reason is I hate the way Disney is going right now and since I loved and mostly saw their 60s to 2000s stuff I wanted to explore a different kind of “animation” I guess which I wasn’t acquainted to. (I have a great respect and love for any forms of animation)

I’m on AniDB under same name if people want to see my list. I have watched around 16 starting from this month and my goal if I want to set one is 30 by 2020 although not sure how much of that I can manage between uni and work.

Since I’m new I haven’t formed any opinion on the genres; I want to explore a bit of all except explicit stuff. But I prefer shorter series (10-13 episodes) or movies with mature themes, good music, good plot/character development.

How about you all?

For me it was a slow process. I watched some anime series as a kid without knowing what anime was like most people. Then as I grew up and started school I didn’t have the time to watch TV anymore. But eventually I got a laptop and started playing World of Tanks, which eventually brought me into contact with Girls und Panzer, which I watched and somewhat enjoyed, but once again, without knowing what anime was.

After that, due to YouTube, I saw a video with a snippet of Valkyria Chronicles, and that’s what I consider to be my first true anime. I still had no idea what anime was, but I absolutely loved, it made me sad and happy and influenced me in a way no cartoon or movie ever had. It was at the beginning of summer, and I spent the rest of it wanting more, but since I had no that it was anime, I had no way of finding more.

Then once the school year started, I randomly mentioned it to a friend of mine who was actually a huge anime fan without me knowing, and that’s where I fell into the rabbit hole. I started with Sword Art Online, and from there I’ve watched around 200 anime series so far.

When i was a kid i watched Death Note out of curiosity. I went into an anime online streaming website and started browsing until death note got my attention by the name alone, and i loved it from the first chapter. After that i went all the way down into the rabbitwhole. Today im still a BIG anime fan.


Death note seems the quiet ‘beginner friendly’ anime since I started with it too and saw a lot people recommending it to first time anime watchers. Does it provide a smooth transition from Hollywood style into the anime world or is it because the story is fantastic yet easily digestible?


I saw online a giant robot GIF and I thought “whoa cool”, I asked the guy that posted it what cartoon it was from and he said Evangelion. And obviously I wasn’t prepared for that shows. I liked it a lot and I thought that maybe I should’ve checked out more shows. I started to aimlessly watch some other (mostly popular) animes, I’ve enjoyed most of them but of course I’ve also watched some shows I didn’t like at all, and eventually I lost some interest in the genre. Now I watch 4/5 animes/year


I discovered free unlimited cartoons online…

When I was a kid, most of my favorite cartoons were anime. I didn’t realize that at the time, of course, but when I did, I ended up looking for more examples of anime and ended up liking the medium quite a bit.


When I was a kid, most of my favorite cartoons were anime.

I guess it was the same for me but I don’t remember much of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

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