A local-first knowledge base.

A local-first knowledge base which can be synced using Git.

via ryan rix

I’m really impressed by this; they’re explicitly calling out Tiddlywiki as an influence, which is a project I think has a really great sensibility… but this fully keeps up with the (far more contemporary) UI patterns of Obsidian or Roam.

It’s not open source properly yet, but they say they’re going to do that in the next couple months. Maybe worth bookmarking and coming back to?


There’s also Obsidian, I use it at work and it hasn’t failed me yet. All local, I think. https://obsidian.md/


There’s also Athens which is an open source clone of Roam. Still under development as well though.

Future Me

You can use it right away in the browser. And it feels good already.


both those things are true! I’m just kinda paranoid about these different systems–a big reason I have my setup on tiddlywiki instead of roam is because I can own the data and the app, you know? once this is self-hostable it should be first in class


logseq syncs to github in markdown (or org-mode I think) format, so you own the data. Well if you pull it regularly to your computer.

But yeah as long as the app is not open source it’s not ideal for me either.

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