I want to know if there are other specialised Q&A sites (and not general-purpose like Quora). I feel Stack Exchange has a monopoly in this domain. Since it’s both hosted in the US and its business model is not very clear (look at the trackers they have on their site), I want to avoid using it to ask questions.

I’m actually considering hosting my own French Q&A site that specialises in mathematics (from kindergarden to graduate), using libre software and relying on donations.

The Lemmy format actually almost works similar to Stack Exchange. I wonder if once federation is done a fork of Lemmy could achieve this.


Two Three features are needed:

  1. MathJax for TeX typesetting
  2. Selecting a comment as the correct answer
  3. Flairs/tags


There’s AoPS for Math which is mostly targeted at olympiad level but has a thriving graduate math community. It’s not entirely tracker free but significantly less than Stackexchange sites.


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