High CPU usage when blocking a 3rd party script(s) · Issue #291 · uBlockOrigin/uMatrix-issues

Prerequisites I performed a cursory search of the issue tracker to avoid opening a duplicate issue Your issue may already be reported. I also searched the existing issues at https://github.com/gorh

Sad news


The comment from the developer heavily implied that it was because he was fed up with invalid issues (which I took to mean issues with websites that wasn’t because of a problem with uMatrix). So unfortunately, perhaps the community was at least partly to blame for this :(


I use uBlock Origin and I didn’t even know uMatrix existed.

How were people using this advanced approach to blocking unwanted site features? blocking autoload video servers or something?

uBlock is best at what it is, primarily an ad-blocker while uMatrix provided more fine grained advanced control like you can selectively block a java-script or an image or css from loading in a particular site from a particular domain. Like if you visit a website using Google’s re-captcha you can block that entire thing using the controls. It is really the best for me.


It is absolutely amazing, it can block more and you get to block things with a more fine grain approach


it can block more

Even if you use ublock in hard mode?

I thought that umatrix was able to block more like cookies. I’ll need an alternative. Or a way to do all that with ublock.


I have ublockOr in hard mode and umatrix still blocks things ublockOr cant. Also umatrix can get around some stuff like some newspaper limits and some blockadblock things.


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I learned ubo just by using it, but the “i see you are using an adblocker” always is a javascript thing so I have javascript disabled by default

This is sad. I used to use it a lot and one of primary add-ons along with uBlock. So can someone tell me: will it be delisted from Mozilla add-on store now that development has stopped?


Well… shit. This is one of the addons I install on every firefox profile I use. Hope the current version works for a while longer. Nevertheless, many thanks to gorhill for creating this!


wtf NO! ;n;


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