Hello! I tried to install Minecraft server on Yunohost.

But when I try to connect (even locally) it always timeout and I can’t connect.

Do you have any clue on how to solve this?

When I run: curl <my ip>:25565

I get result when I do it on the server, but when I execute the same command on another device, it doesn’t work. There is a timeout and it gives up.

Do you think this is because my server is slow or have you any clue on how I could solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!


There is Minecraft and Minetest for Yunohost. The first has no level and not visible in the packages in the web interface. The second has level 7, which is very good.

  1. https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/minecraft_ynh

  2. https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/minetest_ynh

I tried the Yunohost minetest, and enabled “public server”. I noticed it uses port 3000 or something, different than your 25565 from Minecraft, and it works ! Normally Yunohost should open ports in its firewall for you. Maybe this is an issue with the Minecraft package ?

By the way, there is !yunohost@dev.lemmy.ml as well to cross-post to.


Yes, thanks. I forgot I posted this here, sorry. That package is not up to date because the openjdk version is outdated. But my issue was that I haven’t understood that Yunohost has its own firewall. I just ran yunohost firewall allow TCP 25565 and my issue was solved.

Thanks for the community, didn’t knew it existed.


Great that you solved it !


Did you open port 25565? If using Ubuntu based distro, you can use UFW to manage ports or if its rhel based then firewalld.


That was my issue. But UFW doesn’t work on Yunohost. This is the correct command: yunohost firewall allow TCP 25565


It’s a Debian based distro

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