Is There a WhatsApp Alternative for Daily Chatting?

Have you ever thought about finding a relevant WhatsApp alternative and using it for daily communication? We have collected good WhatsApp alternatives for you.


Is irritating that they didn’t mention which is definitely a more common and convenient WhatsApp Alternative for Daily Chatting.


Signal is probably the second best application after decentralised Element/Matrix. Besides, Signal desktop app now has encrypted videocallings


On a concept level decentralized is definitive better than centralized, but real peer-to-peer would be best. But so far I have not found a practical system. Briar is an option


Matrix is working on p2p


I think it’s debatable whether peer-to-peer is actually that much better than federated. Sure it has some advantages, but how can the inherent inconveniences be overcome?

XMPP for IM, Matrix for team collaboration


I like the looks of DeltaChat

Delta Chat is like Telegram or Whatsapp but without the tracking or central control. Delta Chat does not need your phone number. Check out our privacy statement.


I switched from WhatsApp to Telegram a year ago and I don’t regret anything! The only problem with Telegram is that you have to convince your friends to switch as well.

Future Me

Other problems: No cross-device end-to-end encryption, and centralized protocol.

Other advantages: Really good apps on any device. Ton of features, everything works.

Yes. Telegram.

In ten seconds: -999888738247326843726824 points for pro-Telegram wrongthink

It is not that it is wrong think just that it is centralised and not secure.

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