Intersting web projects
reviving this community, appointing myself mod

it has 129 posts so I’m going to reopen it. if someone wants to take over as mod please let me know …

leo babauta on minimal websites

I thought I was going to like this piece. But it sits wrong with me, because it’s almost right and then swerves. …

I like this more than you’d think; my whole website is an extended exercise of Doing Cool Stuff with CSS and HTML generated from Markdown, but I always feel a little uncomfortable doing anything too fun when userstyles are not common practice. I could totally create a style switcher with Javascript,…

What are your favourite minimal CSS libraries?

Hi, since I’m currently looking for a CSS library to use on one of my projects and eventually a blog as well, I thought I’d ask you guys and gals for your favourite minimal CSS libraries. …

You should know about the ways you can donate computing power to help with scientific research (including COVID-19 research): BOINC and Folding@Home

Do you have a computer? Great! You can use it to help humanity by running scientific calculations on it when you’re not using it! There are two major platforms, BOINC which does all kinds of science from medicine to physics to astronomy and even non-science ones depend…

XHTML Friends Network

Has anyone even heard of this? I love it, but … is it actually a thing? …


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Intersting web projects

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