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There are certain professions in corporate life where writing has a major role. In the 25th episode of Office English, let me discuss one among them - Technical Writing. It is my profession as well and feel free to ask me your queries related to that. …

I only became of aware of Bill Gates as more than a placeholder name once he’d transitioned into the Kinder Gentler Philanthropist Gates… but my lord is this video an eye-opener. …

It has been found that listening to small units of video lessons is more effective when it comes to learning English. That is called micro learning and this video explains how to do that -

Listening to audiobooks is another way of improving English skills in personal and professional life. This video explains an effective way of going ahead with that…

Improving your listening skills is vital if you want to be competent in the English language and listening to native speakers is one aspect of it. In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to improve this area in the most efficient and rapid way possible by learning how to listen to Americans! I mot…

Videos and such

    Neat vids from youtube. Rules later

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