Tor - The Onion Router
How to start?

As total newcomer, what would you suggest as first steps with Tor? No mission critical application…

This is a list of substantial, commercial-or-social-good mainstream websites which provide onion services:

Torbrowser on wayland

This is just a curiosity: does anyone here run torbrowser in a wayland environment? …

I dislike it that Google automatically assigns the language it thinks it detects (This time it was a surprise, as DDG thought I’m connecting from Germany), without offering a clear option to change it. I guess I’ll start using DuoLingo (Or the upcoming open source alternatives!) again ;)…

is it unethical to use peer-to-peer services over tor?

I know an activist group who would like to do a secure and private video conference with around 10 people. Audio calls are not a good alternative, since seeing other people creates additional trust. …

Tor - The Onion Router

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