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zero indexing doesn't come from c and it has nothing to do with runtime execution

I love this and I am horrified at the breadth and depth of the computer history that is being lost to time every day. Yacht handicapping! …

I’m not a coder, but I spotted this part :

"So many students who are new to the programming language may think the C language is useless but you will be surprised to know the Mars Curiosity Rover is programmed in C programming language. Take a moment and think about it. Mars Curiosity rover has 2…

Forsage clone script, it is a fully decentralized and ready-made smart contract MLM Clone Script, Which can build a commission based Smart Contract MLM Scheme like forsage on Ethereum Blockchain. The Script is made with a customized smart contract so that one can customize the joining fee and commis…

The Open University Project is a network that aims to educate and certify beginner coders to help them get started with and contribute to free and open-source software with the help of volunteer contributors who are shaping the community…

General Programming Discussion

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