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Awesome open source tower defense game available on Linux and also in F-Droid on mobiles…

Anyone able to run Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines on Wine?

I am trying to use the R.G. Mechanics release from rutracker but I only get a black screen with sound. Anyone has experience running this game? Thanks. …

Guide: Migrating to Linux (and gaming) in 2020

This is an updated version of a previous guide “Guide: Migrating to Linux in 2019”. We’ve had some nice changes this year and, although most of the content will be similar to last year’s, it’s nice to have an updated guide so that user’s can feel confident is some what up to date. …

Linux Gaming on Lemmy

    A Lemmy channel for gaming on the Linux operating system.

    Popular and well supported Linux OS’s include

    • Ubuntu
    • Pop!_OS
    • Linux Mint
    • elementaryOS
    • Manjaro
    • Fedora
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