Support / questions about Lemmy.
"Register, IP., 3 per 3600 seconds"

Is this meant to be a throttling error? I’m trying to create a community but… seems like that IP is… yeah. …

Seo ready?

Do you plan to get Lemmy Seo ready in the near future?..

Posts from not subscribed communites on the main page

On the main page, I’m seeing posts from communities I’m not subscribed to. Is that expected? Changing the sorting method doesn’t seem to help…

I really would like test Lemmy, but last tagged release version is jun 23. Will be update in the near future?..

Federated communities

Can communities (or subreddits) follow other communities from different instances ? …

Did the rss feed feature get removed ?

I think the title says it all , but where can I find the rss feed for my home page( I know that they already exist , at least that got launched on v0.5.0) ? …

Issues while building a lemmy local dev on Ubuntu 18.04

Hi guys, I am looking to be a lemmy contributor and I am installing a local development, for the first time, in ubuntu 18.04 and I am stuck. Could you please take a look?..

What is Lemmy's privacy policy?

From what I have gathered Lemmy is a collection of different servers, correct? Can there be a privacy policy governing all of them? If yes, has the policy been drafted yet?..

Login using Lemmy API in Python

Can anyone tell why this URL isnt working? or Whats the problem with this request …

Live update and notification box not working anymore (after last update)

Before 0.7.54, after adding a new post, the page was automatically refreshed and a notification box was displayed…

Some Questions about the Script?

Will there maybe be a better Admin Menu in the future? …

Is there a way to subscribe to other instances?

I’m not up-to-date on the process of federation between Lemmy instances. Is there any way for me to subscribe to communities in other Lemmy instances, or is that still in the works?..

Support / questions about Lemmy.

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