For a livable planet

hanford nuclear site still in bad shape

In theory, I love the idea of new nuclear tech enabling us to do more with less risk and less emissions and all, but between …

After buying bamboo socks a few months ago now I also ran into bamboo made tooth brush. No plastics !..

Which is better: putting food waste in the garbage disposal or using the municipal compost program?

Back when city level composting programs were a lot less common, garbage disposals were touted as being more environmentally friendly compared to throwing food waste in the trash, because many sewer systems compost their captured organic matter for both fertilizer and methane. But now that my city h…

France’s Greens hope to turn summer wave into ongoing tide German Greens well placed for share of power despite Covid setback…

Should I use Ecosia or Ekoru?

Ecosia and Ekoru are both search engines that use money generated from ad clicks to do something good for the environment. Ecosia plants trees while Ekoru does ocean cleanup. Both use Bing as the search provider so they’re about equal in the search quality and privacy aspects in my mind. I know it’l…

For a livable planet

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