if you were suddenly able/required to make an extravagant celebratory purchase, what would it be?

I got some good news – the kind of thing a lot of people celebrate by buying something major. I don’t drive and I have a nice place to live and I feel like I have most of the stuff I want. I realized that this is the kind of thing that earlier in my life I would have had a lot of fun fantasizing ab…

Do you sometimes masquerade as woman to get help online?

I’ve seen some people in public chats who seem not to be who they pretend to be, like being a woman (with an attractive profile picture). I assume some of them are men, masquerading as woman. Am I wrong? What do you guys think?..

Good "Podcasts" on YouTube?

Hi looking for good podcasts / shows that you can just listen to… on YouTube (using NewPipe on phone) before sleep :) …


Find the most upvoted and downvoted posts on the entire lemmy…

How to follow person/account

Completely new to Lemmy and like it. I’ve been on Mastodon for a while though. I’m not seeing how to follow a person/account instead of a community here with Lemmy, is that possible? Also how would I follow a person or community from a different instance?..

Why does Lemmy have so many communities?

Hello everyone, new user here. I’m liking the site so far, specially the technology communities. …

Why are comment deeplinks login-only?

Is there a reason why you can’t get the deeplink url when you aren’t logged in or is this just a ux fail / issue?..

what do you think about 'epistemic status' headers?

On the first hand, I like them, because they serve a very practical function; to explain how an idea fits together, it can sometimes be most concise to use language that asserts it is correct. This, however, sounds a lot like you believe it to be correct, so being clear that you’re ‘noodling around’… review

I just discovered this useful service. But I’m wondering about it privacy and security. Have any one ever used them?..

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